One to One Assessment & Support

What is it?

The assessment is the first opportunity that we have to discuss with you your current situation and factors affecting your mental health. This assessment will be in person at our office in Uxbridge and will be with a member of our Recovery Team Staff.

We will look at the following aspects of your life

  1. Managing mental Health
  2. Physical health
  3. Living skills
  4. Friends and community
  5. Use of time
  6. Relationships
  7. Addictive behaviour
  8. Home
  9. Identity and self-esteem
  10. Trust and hope

This will enable a person centered plan to be developed specifically with you, we call this plan ‘Your Recovery Action Plan’.

Your Recovery Action Plan

Your plan will be developed and reviewed with a member of the Recovery Team over a number of sessions. During sessions, individuals will work collaboratively to:

  • Explore your situation and factors affecting your mental health
  • Identify immediate and longer-term needs in line with your mental health priorities
  • Develop skills and tools to help you restore and maintain your emotional wellbeing
  • Take practical steps to reach your goals
  • Find solutions to overcome any barriers you may be facing
  • Address wider issues affecting your mental wellbeing including debt, poor housing, unemployment, loneliness and caring responsibilities
  • Help to build knowledge, skills, confidence and resilience
  • Help to build knowledge of local activities and community services and develop confidence to access them