The Free Counselling Service provides one to one counselling for people on low incomes for up to 12 sessions.

Who is Eligible?

The Free Counselling Service is for Hillingdon Borough residents aged 18 + and you must be registered with a Hillingdon GP. To be eligible for the Free Service you will be on a low income of £16,000 or less. The service is commissioned by the CCG and as part of the funding criteria you will need to provide evidence of your finances to ensure you meet the required conditions.

As well as self-referrals, we accept referrals from other health professionals, for example, your GP, Social Worker, or a Health Care Professional.

How Can I Access the Service?

Please complete the self-referral form below.

What happens when I refer online?

The self-referral form has been designed to be easy to understand, once we have this these details we will be in touch to find out a little more.

Once complete, your referral will be live on our client record system and means we’ll be able to provide you with a response and the help you need sooner.

Once you have completed the referral, a member of the Hillingdon Mind team will contact you.

Please note we are not a priority service and may take up to 7 working days to get in touch. If you need urgent support please use the Need Help Now tab at the bottom of this page.

What happens to my information?

Please be assured that this process is totally secure and complies with data protection and information governance requirements.

When using the below link to complete a referral, please do not click the back button on your browser or the form will be reset and you may have to start again. If you are experiencing any difficulties with this form, please contact the service by email or phone using the details below. 


Professional Referrals

What is an Assessment?

An Assessment is a one to one session with a member of the counselling team who will listen to your needs and explore whether Counselling or another service is suitable for your needs. The Assessment takes place online or over the phone and can last up to one hour.

On completion of your Assessment you will be allocated a counsellor who will work with you for up to 12 weeks.