In partnership with Carers Trust Hillingdon, we offer practical, emotional, and psychological support to Carers in the Borough of Hillingdon who are caring for a family member with a mental health issue. The emphasis is on promoting a greater understanding of mental health (Carers own and that of those they care for), the importance of self-care, and building Carers’ resilience, confidence and self-esteem, alongside emotional and practical support through the frequent crises that are often a feature of this type of caring role. 

What we do

We offer psychotherapeutic and family support for Carers of someone with a mental health illness. This is provided through psychotherapeutic support and practical family support including 1-1 and group support through our range of activities for Carers.

Who we can help

People aged 18+ caring for someone with a mental health issue living in the London Borough of Hillingdon and looking for emotional and practical support to help manage their caring role.